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Dangers of Brushing for Too Much Time on a Regular Basis

Posted on 9/20/2017 by Dr. Andrew Zeiger
 Brushing Bradshaw Family Dental AZ 86314
Brushing too long now and again is not very likely to do much damage. However, if you do it regularly, it can begin to cause damage to your teeth. Something as simple as brushing too long each morning can begin to wear down your teeth than using them naturally.

It can increase the chances of you developing tooth decay, plus it can also increase the chances you will develop sensitive teeth. By knowing the proper way to brush, and the proper amount of time, you can avoid much, if not all of this damage.

Brushing Right Can Spare Your Teeth

The proper amount of time to brush your teeth each session is two full minutes. This is about the time it takes to sing the alphabet song twice, at normal speed, in your head. This allows your toothbrush to cover every surface of each of your teeth for enough time to actually remove the debris that has built up since the last time you brushed.

It can be difficult to divide the time out evenly between each of your teeth, but do your best. The last thing you want is to focus more on one or two areas of your mouth and neglect the rest. You should also make sure that you are using a clean and sanitary toothbrush each time you brush, and that you use soft bristles, unless told otherwise by your dentist.

Talk to your dentist when you go in to see them next. Ask them if they see any issues in your mouth that may come from brushing too long. Things like reduced dental enamel can come from brushing too much, which can increase how sensitive your teeth are. Talk to them about what they see, so you two can figure out if any treatment needs to occur.

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